Treatment Process and Fees

Treatment Process and FeesConsultations
At Roots To Health, your initial consultation will take one to one and a half hours, depending on the complexity of your condition and the degree of clinical assessment needed. Your consultation is designed to enable the examination of the details of the presenting complaint. Other factors considered are family medical history, past medical history, diet, lifestyle, any allergies, and any current medications. An in-depth review of the body’s systems will be taken, and relevant clinical examinations like blood pressure and pulse will be included. As part of my training, I can tell if a patient should be seen by a GP or other practitioner. It is well known that herbal medicine works well along side other therapies.

I will then design a prescription made up of about six herbs, each precisely calculated for maximum therapeutic dosage. This will be made up in my own apothecary from a large range of full strength, fresh organic or wild-gathered herbal tinctures. These tinctures are bought from suppliers who sell only to herbalists, indeed, some are restricted by law for the sole use of a qualified practitioner such as myself. Herbal teas, creams, ointment, capsules and pessaries may also be prescribed in conjunction with the main herbal mix, which will be made up post-consultation ready for collection immediately from the dispensary, or directly by post to the patient’s address.

A follow up half-hour appointment will be made for two weeks after the initial consultation to review patient progress, and further monthly half-hour appointments are encouraged before further prescriptions are made. I will be available to take phone calls regarding any queries the patient may have. Appointments can be made by telephone, through our contact page or online.

Consultation Prices

Consultations are charged according to time duration. We can discuss your needs prior to the consultation to find out which would best suit you.

Phone consultation up to 10 minutesFREE – Want to find out if herbal medicine is for you?
Give us a call, we are happy to talk with you about your options. 
10 – 20 minutes phone consultation – £10.00 
1/2 Hour Bite size Consultation – £25.00 – This is for straight forward issues.
1 1/2 Hour Basic Consultation – £50.00 – Our standard first consultation usually covers everything.
up to 2 Hour In Depth Consultation – £65.00 – We like to be able to offer our clients the time they need to discuss their health related issues with us. This option is for more complex situations that require more time.

Follow up Consultation- £20.00

Prescriptions – 105ml  £10.00
Preparations – from £6.00
Repeat Prescription Charge – £3.50

Drop-in Chat – Free of charge