Roots to health is buckling down for lockdown 3.

Clinic is open Tuesdays and Fridays 10 – 4 for the sale of medicines and pick ups.

New patients and returning patients can only be seen via video or phone for the next few weeks.

During these remarkable times new measures are being put in place to help protect us all. Jayne is available on the phone everyday for advice and enquiries. Herbal medicine is very effective with the prevention of illness and in the early stages of infections. Herbs can also be extremely effective with post viral illness.
More information on how herbs can help with COVID 19 infection will follow shortly. Please don’t hesitate to call for personal advice from a fully trained, experienced and qualified herbalist. Phone and Video consultations cost from £10 onwards, depending on the duration.
Stay safe, try not to let stress and don’t let worry get the better of you. Get outside in the country when you can, this really does help with stress levels and therefore helps boost your immune system. Eat well and take plenty of Vitamin C. Herbs can also help to strengthen the immune and I believe that prevention is always better than cure. Contact me on 01404 47887  or for further information.

Roots To Health – Modern Herbal Medicine

Herbal Tea with LeavesRoots To Health is a complementary consultancy, advice and prescription practice with a front shop at 59a High Street, Honiton, East Devon run by Jayne Palmer BSc MNIMH.

Roots to Health shows how modern herbal medicine may help with your particular health problem, covering everything from skin complaints to raised blood pressure. You can find the most common complaints that we consult for here.

Modern herbal medicine is the use of plant extracts, the oldest and most widely used form of medicine known, combined with up to date scientific research to treat today’s common health complaints, maladies and disease.

We believe that it is essential to practice in a way, that is both, giving the best we can to our patients and customers but also minimising the harm to the environment, working towards more sustainable relationships with our everyday actions. This is why we strive to reduce plastic packaging and waste where possible and source our products ethically, locally and environmental friendly where possible.

Contact Jayne Palmer to discuss how modern herbal medicine may help your particular health problem without obligation. Jayne provides Herb Talks and Walks for local community groups and enterprises; please ask about availability.

Call 01404 47887 for appointments and clinic details in East Devon.

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